Why WinSenga?

Annually, an estimated 3 million newborn deaths and over 2 million stillbirths occur worldwide, along with 200,000 maternal deaths. Over 60% of these deaths occurred in developing countries, particularly sub-Saharan Africa. Having better equipped medical personnel in low-resource settings is a pivotal step in turning the tide, increasing the change of survival by up to 80%!

We’ve built a portable tool that makes monitoring pregnancies and childbirth/labour easier and faster for the midwife/doctor, regardless of how experienced they are.


At a fraction of the cost of alternative technologies like the ultrasound or foetal Dopppler

  • plugging the gap
    the need
    an alternative diagnosis tool that is accurate & affordable even to last-mile health centres. Intuitive for use even at home.
  • the solution
    the product
    an intuitive smartphone-based solution to monitor pregnancy and labour. works offline but connects with cloud when possible
  • the process
    our journey
    we started off with a $50,000 R&D grant from Microsoft and continue to iterate on WinSenga
  • the goal
    our dream
    we envision a world where the miracle of bringing life into the world is magical and safe for every woman in the world, regardless of their economic standing.

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