In Winsenga Updates/News

Polls opened for the People’s Choice Award a week ago. Since then WinSenga has moved from #59 to #23(at the time of writing this). We still need your votes (and prayers). We believe we can win the People’s Choice Award in addition to the overall award in Software Design with your help. It is a tall order because in the now 10 years of this competition, no African team has ever won any significant award at this stage (Worldwide Finals). We intend change that statistic. Cast your votes at http://www.imaginecup.com/Competition/PCATeam.aspx?Competitionid=71&teamid=55216 . Remember that you can vote more than once. Yes, you can. So you can vote for us everyday! Thank you.

We are going 3D! We are currently working on a short 3D animation clip/movie about WinSenga, the gap it will fill, its potential, among other things. Watch this space.

In other news, as you may have already noticed from the change in the blog’s theme and the logo on the left top corner, WinSenga has changed its look to something… cooler:

The splash screen has changed to:

This is what you see when you start the application:

To record the heart beat, you now see something like this:

The login for the doctor screen:

More changes are being made and you can catch all the updates here.

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