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Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

One of the most commonly asked questions about stretch marks is, do they go away. It’s not surprising seeing as so many people are affected by stretch marks. Over 80% of women and over 50% of teenagers (both boys and girls) and affected by stretch marks. Often associated with pregnancy more and more people are realizing it can affect people from many walks of life, including men.

creams that reduce stretch marksStretch marks happen when there is a dramatic change to your body your skin is unable to react to. It can’t grow quick enough so it stretches and in this stretching it weakens, damaging the proteins and blood vessels underneath. This leads to ugly scar like indentations on your skin which, while harmful, do not look good.

Stretch marks can occur all over the body but most commonly on the abdomen, upper thighs and back. They can be very noticeable and lead to a loss of self confidence, especially in younger people.

Stretch Marks Fading

Stretch marks start off being bright red of purple. They look painful and while they don’t really cause health issues they can look very bad. After some time the marks will begin to fade and adapt to your natural skin color, they normally end up white or silver.

While this fading does make them less noticeable they don’t truly go away. If you get sunburnt on tan they become very noticeable as the white sticks out. While your body can heal from remarkable things it struggles when it comes to stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Treatments

topical treatments for belly stretch marksIf you’re trying to make your stretch marks really go away you’ll need to look at some treatments. There are topical medicines, surgeries and even home remedies. The truth is a lot of the treatments will not make stretch marks completely disappear but instead will help cover them up, or reduce them.

Pulse Dye Laser Surgery is one of the most effective treatments around. It works by targeting the blood vessels with an intense light beam that heats up the area and destroys it. This method is expensive but you can see some results.

However will all the treatments they are slow and can be ineffective. You’ll find a lot of the home remedies will have no impact and creams/ lotions/ oils containing Vitamin A will reduce but not remove stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Removal

The truth is it’s very difficult to remove stretch marks. There are new advances in the field of skin care every year but as on now you’re looking at full elective surgery to cover up the marks.

The methods available are able to cover up and mask the stretch marks though, speak to your dermatologist and find the best method available for your skin today.


My Free Weight Loss Tips To Help Lose Weight For Summer

This is part one of an article in which I will be sharing with you – a total of twenty weight loss tips and techniques.

So why not make this summer one to remember by losing those few extra pounds?

your summer weight loss planIf your commitments do not allow you to make major changes in your eating pattern or take up longer workouts, start with simple plans. Similarly, start with small changes to your diet. Have whole wheat bread instead of white bread or water instead of soda pop.

When you exercise you will not only burn off fat, you will also feel more energized and emotionally healthy.

The best types of exercise that you can do in order to promote weight loss are cardiovascular exercises. When you do these types of exercise your heart rate increases and so does your metabolism.

Running, Speed Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Stair Stepping and Rowing – all of these get your heart rate climbing and help you burn off calories. Much slower exercise are also a good way to lose weight but when it comes to burning fat then nothing beats cardiovascular exercises.

You should begin to set yourself some exercise goals, whether it’s once a week or two times per week. Then really make it a point that you stick to this goal, regardless of how difficult it may be at first.

When you first start out exercising, start slowly and then build this up over time. Never try to push yourself too hard or get to a point were the exercise is making you feel ill. Remember also that if you do feel dizzy or feel any kind of discomfort, STOP.

You may also want to check with your doctor just before you start an exercise program to ensure that it is safe for you. This is especially true if you’ve been inactive for a long time or have other medical conditions.

Lose Weight For SummerYou may get to a stage in your weight loss program in which you struggle to lose those last ten pounds and this may frustrate you. However, you have to look at the positives of what you have achieved so far and use them to stay motivated. You should realize that through your weight loss program you are now eating healthier food, exercising regularly and probably feel a whole lot healthier. So it’s important that you hold on to these positive thoughts because it will be these that will help you to go beyond this plateau.

This is a very unhealthy way for somebody to lose weight, yet many people do it anyway. The reason people use the starvation diet is because they are desperate to lose weight and they feel that by consuming no calories, the pounds will fall off.

You can lose weight, naturally, by starving. But using this method usually takes a long time. On top of that, you will be unhealthy, sick, weak and tired all the time. The reason why this can happens is because when you starve yourself your metabolism slows down or in some cases stops completely.

In order to burn off the fat on your body, you need to have a healthy metabolism. It is your metabolism that will burn off those excess calories. It needs fuel in order for it to work effectively. It is just like a machine, without fuel, it shuts down. Just like your car does not run without petrol, your metabolism does not run without food.

So what happens when your metabolism shuts down?

One of the things that does happen when your metabolism shuts down is that your body goes into starvation mode and starts to conserve its fuel. This means that everything starts to shut down, just like a machine would.

you do not starve your way to weight lossYou do not burn off calories when your metabolism shuts down. You end up staying at a stalemate when it comes to weight loss. Another negative side effect of this approach is that your immune system can shut down. This is one of the reasons why people who try to starve themselves generally always feel sick.

There is also another reason why a starvation diet does not work. After a while, when your body is crying out for food, you will start to feel as though you are very weak and will most likely give in to temptation. You will probably gorge yourself on something that is not good for you. Then you might try to starve again. This is known as binge eating and often results in just the opposite effect. You actually gain the weight that you lost and then some.

There are many who dread the thought of making drastic changes to their eating lifestyles. These people believe that they will only be allowed to eat soups or salads in order to lose weight.

It is true that you have to adopt a healthier lifestyle in order to lose weight. However, this certainly does not mean that you have to give up eating tasty food or even the occasional sweet or calorie heavy food. The one word to remember in all this is moderation. By making even minor adjustments to your eating habits you can reduce your calorie intake. For example, by regularly drinking water instead of soft drinks at meal times, you can considerably cut down on the number of calories you are consuming.

You may also want to try out new menus and even substitute ingredients for healthier alternatives which are also easy to cook.

With just a little bit of effort, you can regularly have healthy, nutritious meals that are also fun to cook and can offer you great variety.

Meal times also do not have to be the only time that you eat healthily. If the urge to snack arises between meal times then feed that urge with something healthy and nutritious. Even something as simple as a small apple provides enough nutrition along with healthy fat and proteins.

Enjoy! And check back soon for part 2 of this series and be sure to read my reviews of forskolin extract here.

Why WinSenga?

Annually, an estimated 3 million newborn deaths and over 2 million stillbirths occur worldwide, along with 200,000 maternal deaths. Over 60% of these deaths occurred in developing countries, particularly sub-Saharan Africa. Having better equipped medical personnel in low-resource settings is a pivotal step in turning the tide, increasing the change of survival by up to 80%!

the technology

an alternative diagnosis tool that is accurate & affordable even to last-mile health centres. Intuitive for use even at home.

an intuitive smartphone-based solution to monitor pregnancy and labour. works offline but connects with cloud when possible


we started off with a $50,000 R&D; grant from Microsoft and continue to iterate on WinSenga

we envision a world where the miracle of bringing life into the world is magical and safe for every woman in the world, regardless of their economic standing.

We’ve built a portable tool that makes monitoring pregnancies and childbirth/labour easier and faster for the midwife/doctor, regardless of how experienced they are.

At a fraction of the cost of alternative technologies like the ultrasound or foetal Dopppler.